They will be an inspiration on International Women’s Day

They will be an inspiration on International Women's Day

Today 08 March (Tuesday) is International Mother Language Day being celebrated worldwide. The main theme of this special day is to break the chains of darkness & expose women in their torpid light, strength & deep-rooted ability.

And this time around, Abu Raihan Jewel known as ‘Adventure Of Sundarban’ has created an inspirational ODC for women. And for the first time in this ODC, Raj Ripa & Farin Khan, two talented & the most beautiful newcomers from Dhallywood & also very promising actresses, have acted together.

When the treasure of this online advertisement was published yesterday March 7 (Monday), it became the center of discussion in a moment. And tonight 8 March (Tuesday) at 12:01 AM the full video of the ad was published through social media. According to viewers, such advertisements will play a more active role in boosting the morale & confidence of women mentally. The principle that the impossible is possible for women too has been spontaneously expressed in the advertisement. And through this advertisement, Raj Ripa & Farin Khan will be a source of inspiration & irresistiblefemininity in the minds of countless people.

Note that, Raj Ripa made her big screen debut in the movie ‘Dohon’ released in 2018 directed by Raihan Rafi. Later, the actress came to limelight after signing a contract for a widely discussed movie titled ‘Mukti’ directed by Bangladeshi-American renowned film director Iftakar Chowdhury. Today, the third poster of this movie has been unveiled through social media.

Also, Raj Ripa has recently signed on for a web series titled ‘Rokkha’ directed by Iftakar Chowdhury & a movie titled ‘10,000 Ebong Aro Ekti Dhorshon’ directed by Sohel Rana Boyati. However, this glamorous actress has also gained fame in various humanitarian activities also.

On the other hand, Farin Khan, another glamorous actress of this generation, made her debut on the silver screen by starring in the movie ‘Dhat Tari Ki’ released in 2017 directed by Shamim Ahmed Rony. Ziaul Roshan, the popular actor of the time, acted opposite Farin in this movie. Although she has been away from the media for three long years, now she is back at work regularly. A number of movies starring Farin Khan are awaiting release & this gorgeous & beautiful actress is currently a regular in commercials & music videos also.