NSUSSC Distribution Iftar and Eid Clothing

The holy month of Ramadan always adorns an ambience of belonging and togetherness. A particular month of the year that most of us enjoy with our loved ones.

In the midst of such a happening occasion, we often forget the ones who were never blessed with their loved ones. With the intent of making them feel valued and happy, North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC) has organized Iftar Distribution and Eid Clothing.

The event was organized on 25th April at Noorani Islamia Madrasha and Orphanage, Mirpur. The club members went to the orphanage and has spent some time enjoying the children’s company. Afterwards the members had iftar with the children at the orphanage where the club donated Iftar and Eid Clothing among over 400 children at the orphanage. The clothing embellished their happiness for Eid at a great extent.

The event was a success in terms of the unbounding happiness that it provided among the children who seldom had the chance to enjoy the holy month of Ramadan like they have this time due to the efforts of the members of NSUSSC.

On the midst of the event, the President of NSUSSC, Ahamed Tahmid Zaman quoted that, “event of such sort is necessary as these children too have the right to enjoy the holy month of Ramadan just like we all do”. He also pointed out that NSUSSC has always tried to bring events that could bridge the gap between us and the people who somehow couldn’t have the chance to lead a life like us.