Floozy actress Nijhum Rubina returned with ‘Mission Love’

Floozy actress Nijhum Rubina returned with 'Mission Love'

Nijhum Rubina is one of the most floozy, gorgeous & glamorous actress in the Bangladesh film industry. The actress made her silver screen debut for the first time with the National Film Award winning film director Zakir Hossain Raju’s movie ‘Er Beshi Valobasha Jay na’.

Popular film actor of this generation Symon Sadik starred opposite her in this movie. After that, Nijhum Rubina started giving away one movie after another to the audience in Dhallywood. At present, the actress is regularly appearing in movies as well as dramas.

Recently, after a long hiatus, Nijhum Rubina returned to work with a drama titled ‘Mission Love’. The drama is directed by Atif Aslam Bablu & stars Rahul Hasan, Fakhrul Basher Masum, Tutia Yesmeen Papia & others opposite Nijhum Rubina.

On the other hand, Nijhum Rubina told the media about her busy schedule,“I like the story of the drama ‘Mission Love’ very much. The story of the drama is a bit of an exception & I feel relieved to be able to work on such a drama. I’m pretty optimistic about the drama & also I’ve already signed on to some more captivating story dramas.

Although my film work is currently closed, I will give you new good news soon inshallah. Actually, in order to present myself in front of the audience in a new way & to prove myself, I’m now a bit away from the movie. But I will be back to movie hurriedly & that is why I’m currently busy in the gym. I can assure you that, I will appear in front of my well-wishers, fans & viewers with something positive. I would also like to say that, I’m currently working regularly in various television talk show & advertisements also. Please everyone pray for me.”

Note that, apart from acting, the actress has also come up for discussion through humanitarian work. The actress has been celebrating her birthday exceptionally every time. On her birthday, she does various social work like distributing winter clothes among helpless people, eating together with orphans & street children etc.

All in all, it is say without hasitation that, Nijhum Rubina is an enlightened person overall. As opposed to, the movie ‘Besamal’ starring Nijhum Rubina is currently awaiting release. The movie is directed by Rahul Rawsan & the story of the movie is written by Komol Sarker.