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Apu Biswas-Joy Chowdhury’s cost 3 lakhs for 1 minute!

Foysal Habib Sany, Staff Reporter
  • আপডেট সময় : বুধবার, ২৩ ফেব্রুয়ারি, ২০২২
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Apu Biswas-Joy Chowdhury's cost 3 lakhs for 1 minute!

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Joy Chowdhury is a popular film actor of this generation. Basically, the promising actor of that time first came to the notice of the audience through his performance in the movie ‘Ek Joban’ released in 2012.

Recently, the popular film actor of Dhallywood is spending a lot of time with the movie titled ‘Prem Pritir Bondhon’ directed by Solaiman Ali Lebu. And in this movie, Apu Biswas, the popular actress known as ‘Dhallywood Queen’ is acting opposite Joy Chowdhury.

This is the first time that viewers are going to see the chemistry of Apu Biswas-Joy Chowdhury on the silver screen. Note that, apart from Apu Biswas-Joy Chowdhury, powerful actor Misha Sawdagar, Amaan Reza, Tahmeena Mou, Haider Ali, LR Khan Shimanto, Jadu Azad, Harun Kisinger & others are also starring in the movie.

On the other hand, it is known that, the director had to spend 3 lakhs taka for 1 minute scene of a song in this big budget movie! Talking to Joy Chowdhury about this, he told the media personnel, ‘FDC’s (Bangladesh Film Development Corporation) captivating fountain shooting spot hasn’t been a movie for a long time.

All things considered, we set this shooting spot for a song in our movie titled ‘Pagol Mon’. In view of this, the shooting spot has been decorated in a very interesting & eye-catching way for that song. After all, the shooting spot has to spend a total of 3 lakhs taka to restore the dazzling beautiful environment. I would like to inform you that the existing artificial trees in the spot have been made more colorful by coloring & new artificial grass has been planted there. Actually, going to shoot songs in such a beautiful environment, both me & my film actress Apu Biswas felt quite relieved.’

It is pertinent to mention that this film actor, who is one of the most promising actor in the domestic film industry, is currently presenting one popular film after another. His released movies include ‘Ek Joban (2012)’, ‘Valobashle Dosh Ki Tate (2014)’, ‘Hitman (2014)’, ‘Khoniker Valobasha (2014)’, ‘Chini Bibi (2015)’, ‘Ajob Prem (2015)’ & ‘Antor Jala (2017)’.

Also, Joy Chowdhury’s upcoming movies include ‘Ayna’ ‘Amanush Holo Manush’ ‘Ek Poshla Bristi’ & ‘Prem Pritir Bondhon’.

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